Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's HOTTER Than a Greenwich Daddy Who Loves to Cook?

For me? Nothing! Since the early days of our courtship my husband has been creating delicious culinary masterpieces for my enjoyment. (Trust me, I know how lucky I am.) Back then our menu consisted of heavier dishes such as Cassoulet, Confit of Duck and the like, however today, we're focused on eating a cleaner diet of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and really good dark chocolate. (see cookie recipe in another post)

His passion for cooking has definitely rubbed off on me and is a very important part of our relationship. We both love talking about food and shopping for it together- and thankfully, my husband loves cooking and I love eating!

Recently, we started a new weekly routine of heading out to a local Farmer's Market in search of some fresh, local goodies to build our menu around for the upcoming week. The result from this week's find was this oh-so-satisfying Butternut Squash soup w/Kale and a side of artisanal bread. Absolute HEAVEN!

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