Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Taste of the SAHM Life

It's 5:20 pm and it just dawned on me that I'm still in my robe and have yet to shower. (attractive thought, eh?) I'm not exactly sure how the day got away from me, I mean it's not like 5:00 am is a late start!

Here's the scoop; I work outside the home 4 days per week while my son, Timothy, attends daycare. On any given day we have a nice routine, one in which everyone showers, gets dressed and gets out of the house. However, for the past 4 days I've been home caring for him as he is suffering from an ear infection and RSV (a really bad cold) -- Not to mention he's cutting his third tooth! So, instead of going to work my days have looked something like this:

  • 5:30am Fight to feed him his first bottle of expressed breast milk (his ears are killing him, this is not an easy task) Repeat every three hours.
  • Pump every four hours
  • Take his temperature at every diaper change (make sure he's wetting diaper every 4 hours)
  • Administer Tylenol or Motrin if needed
  • Administer disgusting artificially colored & flavored, clothes-staining antibiotics 2x per day
  • Put him down for a nap (which is currently no more than 30-45 min) eat something, straighten the house, and try to do some office work and answer emails, texts and voicemails from concerned family members.
  • Attempt to give him solid food such as mashed avocado, rice cereal or carrots 2-3x per day. (Only to wear half of it after he coughs and or sneezes it all over me.)
  • Give him a sippy cup lesson
  • Hug him, kiss him, love him (my favorite part of the day!!)
  • Play and read to him and make sure he gets enough "tummy time"
  • Suck the boogers out of his nose 1000X per day
  • Sing non-stop for 20 minutes while I nebulize him 4x per day
  • Clean him and his jumper-roo up after what seems to be a daily "explosion" (what is it with that thing and pooping?)
  • Bathe him. Massage him. Put Aquaphor on every inch of him. Suck more boogers.
  • Put him down for the night.
  • Did I mention suck his boogers?
  • Launder everything he's pooped and drooled on that day.
  • Beat myself up because I'm still in my antibiotic-carrot-poop-breastmilk-stained robe!
This post may sound like I'm complaining, but I'm really not. I have enjoyed being home with Timothy every moment this week. But, my hat does go off to all of you stay at home moms. If you get a moment, let me know how you find time to shower!

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